We are accepting applications for our Oct. 2020 - July, 2021 training program and are aware that the Covid Virus may force us to move the dates forward to starting (in person) in 2021. Please continue to apply and we will keep you posted.

FULL PROGRAM: The Participatory Arts and Somatic Research

The Participatory Arts and Somatic Research Certification Program is an intensive educational program dedicated to integrating performance expression and somatic research with application in the fields of health, education, social change and the arts. The program is separated into three separate modules; The Somatic Module, The Socially Conscious Body Module & The Improvisational Mind and Performance Module. The curriculum includes the study of somatics, body sciences, process arts and performance disciplines. Combining creative engagement and practical skills, Participatory Arts and Somatic Research studies are integrated through self-directed projects, group projects, and performances. This certification provides pre-requisites required for the professional Somatic Movement Therapy Training (SMTT) taught by MOC co-founder Martha Eddy.


See full info including the schedule and the list of independent workshops open to the public on the ADMISSIONS page.

The entire MOC training and full certification consists of three, month-long modules: Somatic Education, The Socially Conscious Body and the Improvisational Mind. Each module is produced individually. At this time the only available module is Somatic Education. MOC encourages students to attend the full program when available for deeper integration and understanding the material. Contact us for more information, or join our mailing list to keep up to date on our news and updates! If you are interested in producing modules or workshops in your venue, please contact Carol Swann.

The core curriculum is supported and enhanced through other activities that serve to build community within the group and provide opportunities for deeper integration of the core material. These activities are: