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Welcome to Moving On Center

Moving on Center (MOC) is a training program linking Somatics and the Performing Arts for Social Change. Using experiential and co-operative learning, MOC has a mission to develop community leaders and artists who engage the whole body-mind to promote holistic social change.
Briging Somatics

Bridging Somatics and Performing Arts for
Social Change

Founded in 1994 by Carol Swann and Martha Eddy, Moving On Center (MOC) the School for Participatory Arts & Somatic Research has been a pioneer in the field of holistic and interdisciplinary education.

About Us

We Begin with the Body

An interdisciplinary curriculum that draws on dance, theater, voice, group process and a wide variety of somatic research to activate creativity and health in the individual and the community.
About our Mission
We Begin with the Body
Scapulae Integration

Professional Skills

MOC’s training programs integrate multiple somatic systems with performing and healing arts toward social change. We offer a unique opportunity to integrate the desire for personal growth with the development of meaningful professional skills applicable to fields such as performing arts, education, health and social change.

About Our Programs

Socially Conscious

We aim to provide tools for individuals, groups and entire communities to become aware of our own interconnectedness, to each other and the planet through somatic perception and to assess, interrupt, and transform harmful personal and social patterns.
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Learn about multiple Somatic Practices

Moving On Center dynamic and rigorous movement based training modules are based on and integrate various somatic modalities such as Body Mind Centering (R), Laban Movement Analysis, Bartennieff Fundamentals (TM), Alexander Technique, Axis Syllabus, Authentic Movement, Voice Through The Body, Developmental Movement and others.

These methods give you specific skills to develop your body connectivity, re-pattern habitual alignment and movement patterns, increase your kinesthetic awareness through embodied anatomy and learn skills for greater communication within oneself and with others.


Dear Potential Students, Workshop Participants and other Somatic Inquiries:

As of August 2021, MOC is on a PAUSE for running any Somatic Training Program Modules.

We are in the process of building a new team of Leadership Partners/Directors to re-organize & update MOC’s curriculum toward a truly "Intersectional Somatics".

We want to create a resilient container to better hold, support and meet the needs of our BIPOC, transgender and nonbinary students and faculty with disabilities. MOC’s Mission, since its founding in 1994, has always been to train students in the relationship between Somatics & Social Change (bridging Somatics & the Performing Arts for Social Change) and yet we are astutely aware of the necessity to bringing this mission more front & center as we have been aware that “Social Somatics” - how the body, or the individual “soma,” is not separate from the experience in the social context that shapes it.

We are re-organizing both our Leadership Partners/Directors, our faculty and curriculum to reflect these intentions. Our future will be under the primary umbrella of what we have been calling “The Socially Conscious Body” first and will include “The Somatic Education Module” and hopefully the “Improvisational Mind & Performance Module”. Please be patient as we figure out how to best re-organize by combining what has been useful from the past and an updated vision into our future.

PLEASE FEEL FREE TO PUT YOUR NAME ON OUR MAILING LIST AND YOU WILL RECEIVE NEWS OF THE NEXT TRAINING MODULES. NOTE: We are also in the middle of fundraising in order to pay for the time put into this re-organizing and making MOC a more sustainable organization.

PLEASE DONATE ON THE WEBSITE OR write - Carol Swann,, or call 510-524-5013. We need all the support you are willing to offer! Thankyou for being in the embodied co-liberation process with us!

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