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Applications are Paused
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As of August 2021, MOC is on a PAUSE for running any Somatic Training Program Modules. We are in the process of building a new team of Leadership Partners/Directors to re-organize & update MOC’s curriculum toward a truly "Intersectional Somatics". We want to create a resilient container to better hold, support and meet the needs of our BIPOC, transgender and nonbinary students and faculty with disabilities.

MOC’s Mission, since its founding in 1994, has always been to train students in the relationship between Somatics & Social Change (bridging Somatics & the Performing Arts for Social Change) and yet we are astutely aware of the necessity to bringing this mission more front & center as we have been aware that “Social Somatics” - how the body, or the individual “soma,” is not separate from the experience in the social context that shapes it.

We are re-organizing both our Leadership Partners/Directors, our faculty and curriculum to reflect these intentions. Our future will be under the primary umbrella of what we have been calling “The Socially Conscious Body” first and will include “The Somatic Education Module” and hopefully the “Improvisational Mind & Performance Module”.

Please be patient as we figure out how to best re-organize by combining what has been useful from the past and an updated vision into our future. PLEASE FEEL FREE TO PUT YOUR NAME ON OUR MAILING LIST AND YOU WILL RECEIVE NEWS OF THE NEXT TRAINING MODULES.

NOTE: We are also in the middle of fundraising in order to pay for the time put into this re-organizing and making MOC a more sustainable organization. PLEASE DONATE ON THE WEBSITE OR write - Carol Swann,, or call 510-524-5013. We need all the support you are willing to offer! Thankyou for being in the embodied co-liberation process with us!

To apply for Somatic Education Module you must follow the guidelines bellow. Please make sure all steps are completed.

1 – Read about MOC Mission and Values

Get to know the school Mission and Values and read the MOC History

2 – Read Module Description

Please read carefully the description of the module you are choosing to apply, and follow the links included to learn more about the subjects of the studies

3 – Read Admission Page

Read about the tuition and all other logistics before sending your application

4 – FAQ

Please visit the FAQ section to read most frequently asked questions, so you know what this program does and doesn't offer

5 – Application Form

Fill in the Application Form and double-check the data you entered is correct. We don't share personal information with 3rd party and we don't SPAM. Your information will be kept confidential

6 - Register and Pay with InterKinected

Non-refundable application fee of $50 and $350 deposit (of which $175 is non-refundable) should be sent to InterKinected. Please complete this step required for registration

Drawing Together


Who may apply?

The Somatic Module in the weekend format is open to any individual who desires more knowledge and experience of their own body and how one’s self can be more fully expressive. It is open to ALL AGES (20-ongoing) and ALL LEVELS OF EXPERIENCE. MOC is committed to making this program available to a diverse population and encourages people of all cultural and social orientations to apply. We do ask that people applying understand themselves to be mature adults, ready to be in rigorous but supportive weekend intensives and understand how to conduct themselves emotionally. Although a compassionate and supportive teaching staff will be present, MOC is not responsible for therapuetic attending. We will be physically moving in space and on the floor at least 50% of the time although these classes are NOT “dance classes”, it involves moving the body.


A desire to learn through movement is the prime pre-requisite. Individual learning rhythms and paces are respected. Basic training in anatomy is provided and any learned anatomy or pre-study of basic anatomy is very helpful but not required.

Contact MOC

  • 510.524.5013
  • 1970 Chestnut St. Berkeley, CA. USA, 94702