As a somatic practice, Bartenieff Fundamentals focuses on movement re-patterning in a process of deepening sensory awareness. Kinetic ‘chains’ of neuro-muscular patterning become fundamental to all movement organisation early in life, and continue to affect the quality of both function and expression in all our movement experiences. In addition to the basic 6 movement sequences, Bartenieff Fundamentals practice addresses our individual balance between movement themes such as Exertion/Recupertion and Stability/Mobility; and includes anatomical as well as qualitative concepts involved in efficient and integrated movement patterning. Returning to developmental movement patterns we have an opportunity to re-pattern our movement sequencing and functional bodily organisation. Through connecting with internal processing of our movement experience we gain greater understanding of how we live in the world, and what choices we have to live in the world differently. A somatic approach to Bartenieff Fundamentals practice enhances this self awareness and personal growth, and provides opportunity for creating more effective movement choices which form the basis of our physical experiences. In this introductory course you will discover, for example, relationships between: the breath and core support; movement initiation and sequencing; centres of gravity/levity and shifts of weight; and developmental patterning and dynamic alignment.

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