Moving On Center at Zaccho Studio in SF 2017

We are pleased to announce that beginning in Jan. 2017, Zaccho Studio (founded and directed by Joanna Haigood) will bring MOC’s “Somatics Education Module” to their studio! MOC will feature the “Somatics Education Module” in four extended weekend formats taught by master teachers in the field. This is the first (out of three) module of the Full MOC Program. This … Read More

Somatics In Action Series in Berkeley

Somatic Education LMA Theory

SOMATICS IN ACTION – Presented by Fogbeast & Carol Swann Practice and Participatory Conversation Feb. 28 – Carol Swann (Alexander Technique) and Hursey Baker (Rosen Method) March 20 – Carol Swann (Alexander Technique) and Daniel Bear Davis (Axis Syllabus) April 24 – Carol Swann (Alexander Technique) and Cathie Caraker (Body-Mind Centering) May 29 – Carol Swann (Alexander Technique) and Joy … Read More

Voice Thru The Body Series TBA

Voice Thru the Body

Exploring the Voice as the “muscle of the soul” (Roy Hart)   Voice Thru the Body monthly series is coming back to Berkeley. We had so much fun singing together at MOC as well as at the Community Singing Circles series in 2015 and we want it back. Planning to re-open the practice again soon. Keep in touch. Voice explorations … Read More