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Experiential Anatomy / Axis Syllabus with Nuria Bowart

Experiential Anatomy / Axis Syllabus with Nuria Bowart

July 25-27, 2019 (9:15-11:45am) (3 morning classes)

(Included in the Somatic Education Module at Moving On Center – School of Participatory Arts and Somatic Research)

This class is an opportunity to look at the body through the lens of anatomical science. Anatomy can be very useful, but it is not the ultimate way to understand the body and human movement.  We will learn and practice the language of Anatomy, while playfully exploring what it suggests for movement. Images, games and partner work will be a few of the tools we will use.
The Axis Syllabus: a lexicon of human movement, will be our main resource for learning. This body is more than we can fathom, but in this class we will engage in examining, feeling and learning about what we are.
— The Axis Syllabus (AS) can be considered an information resource, a pool of tools, tactics and knowledge for continuously improving movement education and training practices. The AS claims to be a detailed, systemic and a continuously redefining movement analysis that is based in ongoing multi-scientific and pedagogical inquiry. Knowledge is gathered, organized and tested by a community of teachers and students from all walks of life.


FINNISH HALL, 1970 Chestnut St. Berkeley, CA. USA, 94702-1723.

Phone: 510-524-5013.

Access info: Unfortunately the Finnish Hall is not wheelchair accessible. There are (a number of) steps to get into the space, and the bathrooms are not wheelchair accessible.

$225 for the entire workshop (3 mornings). No one-day drop-ins.

NURIA BOWART is a movement educator. The main focus of her life has been to cultivate understanding about what it is to be a moving body on a spinning planet. She had more than two decades of experience as a Rolfer (a form of manual therapy focusing on myofascial and structural alignment) a contemporary dancer (she performs locally and internationally) and a Capoeirista (a.k.a. Contramestra Marreta). In 2016 she was approved as a teacher of The Axis Syllabus: a resource of biomechanical, anatomical, and basic physical information compiled by movers for movers. This Syllabus and the community that complies it, has become the place where her love of anatomy and healing weaves together with her path as a mover and performer. Nuria teaches regular classes of The Axis Syllabus and Dance, as well as Capoeira in Berkeley, Ca. She also operates a private practice as a Rolfer.
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Jul 25 2019 - Jul 27 2019


9:15 pm - 11:45 pm


$225 for the entire workshop. No one-day drop-ins.


Finnish Hall
1970 Chestnut St. Berkeley, CA. USA, 94702


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FINNISH HALL, 1970 Chestnut St.
Berkeley, CA. USA, 94702-1723