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Alexander Technique with Carol Swann

Alexander Technique with Carol Swann

January 19-21, 2021 (10:00-12:30pm) (3 morning ONLINE classes)

(Included in the Somatic Education Module at Moving On Center – School of Participatory Arts and Somatic Research)

The Alexander Technique is at once a gentle and rigorous self study of how we come to use our inherent body intelligence. It is a process of psycho-physical re-education. Our animal bodies were beautifully designed for movement and balance but most often we un-consciously use our bodies in a way that is habitual and counterproductive.

The learning centers around identifying movement patterns that produce pressure and imbalance on our musculoskeletal system, which in turn disrupts your ability to move comfortably, affecting your breathing, articulation, digestion, mental attitude and emotional equilibrium.

We learn to re-organize ourselves into appropriate anatomical proprioception and more efficient alignment and movement pathways. New “directions” for movement give us a way to continue this practice in our daily lives which is the basis for this work.

These classes will take us through the basic understanding and practice of the Alexander Technique principles. These principles provide a foundation of body-mind awareness which apply to all aspects of your life process including: sitting, walking, talking, eating, dancing, singing, playing instruments and building relationships etc. Protocols for giving and receiving gentle hands-on techniques will develop deepened feedback support.

Phone: 510-524-5013.

Access info: Unfortunately the Finnish Hall is not wheelchair accessible. There are (a number of) steps to get into the space, and the bathrooms are not wheelchair accessible.

$175 for the entire workshop (3 mornings). No one-day drop-ins.

CAROL SWANN is a teacher, private practitioner, facilitator, co-director, performer and activist. Her work is focused on contributing to a more socially just and connected world. She is a co-founder (with Martha Eddy), director/faculty of Moving On Center-School of Participatory Arts and Somatic Research, bridging Somatics and the Performing Arts for Social Change (1994-2016). She has been Assistant Director and primary faculty to Martha Eddy in the “Dynamic Embodiement & Somatic Movement Therapy Training (DE-SMTT) since 1994. She has been teaching and performing improvisational movement and vocal related work for over thirty five years in the U.S., Latin America, Russia, Israel and Europe. She has extensive studies in Body Mind Centering, Laban/Bartenieff MovementStudies, Roy Hart Theater, Theater of the Oppressed and Social Somatics which informs everything does. She maintains a private practice in Somatic therapy, (based in Hakomi Method, Somatic Experiencing Trauma Training and Process Work)), Alexander Technique (NASTAT), teaches Voice, Social Somatics, Authentic Movement, Improvisation, Group Process and Conflict facilitation. She currently curates/facilitates a monthly series “Somatics In Action” featuring professionals in every field in Somatics. She co-founded and taught at; A Capella Motion, Island Movement, New Forms Dance and Outfall. She was Admin. Director for Movement Research (N.Y.) from 83′-86′. Her performance history and collaborators has included: Eszter Gal, Kirstie Simson, Jess Curtis, Andrew Harwood, Simone Forti, Anna Halprin, Nancy Stark Smith, Angus Balbernie, Paul Langland, Daniel Lepkoff, Ka Rustler, Brenton Cheng, Vitali Kononov,Julyen Hamilton and others.


Jan 19 - 21 2021


10:00 am - 12:30 pm


$175 for the entire workshop. No one-day drop-ins.


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FINNISH HALL, 1970 Chestnut St.
Berkeley, CA. USA, 94702-1723